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Getting on the Court

Combination locks govern access to the courts and huts.  If you need to know the combination please contact anyone listed above.  Please lock up when you leave.  Generally you will not need to access the Maintenance Hut (small one) unless you are dealing with snow on the court (see below). 

If you are a new member and would like to familiarize yourself with the Club’s facilities and learn some pointers about the game of paddle, please contact Chris Adams to schedule an appointment.
The lights in the parking lot are on a timer.  They go on at dusk and turn off after everyone has left (unless it is a particularly late one).  The lights at the two locations where you enter the deck are triggered by motion detectors (they will turn off automatically).  Their switches need to remain on all of the time (there is tape over them to keep people from using them). The other set of flood lights outside the door to the Warming Hut door are on a switch in the hut.  Please be sure to turn them off when you leave.  They will NOT GO OFF AUTOMATICALLY.
Court Lights (and night play)
Paddle timeslots go well into the evening.   If you find you need lights, please turn them on at the box near the door to the court.  Be sure to turn them off when you are finished.  The court lights at APC are now LED.  They turn on and off immediately.  Please turn lights on and off when you are done with court.
Warming Hut
The Warming Hut is available for use by players and their audiences.  There is a monitor heater inside that is kept at 46 degrees.  Please leave it at 46 unless you anticipate needing it for some extended time.  If you need to heat the place up, the directions on how to operate the heater are on the wall.  Please turn it back to 46 when you leave.  Please make sure the door to the hut is closed so we are not heating the outside. 
Guest Policy
Members may have guests up to 4 times per season.  Individuals may be guests up to 4 times per season.  You’ll notice there are no fees and no guest police.  We appreciate your sincere efforts to honor this policy.  Please sign the guest in using the guest book in the Warming Hut. 
Snow procedures
Playing paddle in the snow is one of the wonderful experiences of the sport. When it snows there is someone who is responsible for plowing and shoveling the parking area, decks and paddle courts.  They are instructed to do so only after it has stopped snowing.   So occasionally if you have a game and it is still snowing, then it is possible that the courts may not be cleared.   
Clearing the courts
IF you are feeling energetic, you are free to clear the courts yourself.  DO NOT USE THE SNOWBLOWER and DO NOT USE SALT OR SAND ON THE COURTS!  There are shovels and brooms in the Maintenance Hut that can be used.  The courts have “snow boards” around the bottom edge that when “unhooked” allow shovels to push through and remove snow from the court.  Please re-hook the snow boards when done so no one looses an ankle in them.  
Heaters are used AFTER SNOW HAS BEEN REMOVED FROM THE COURT.  They are intended to dissolve that last (almost transparent) layer of ice or snow that the shovels can’t get.  They are not meant to keep players warm – that’s supposed to happen from running around. The timers for both Courts 1 and 2 are located immediately to your left in the maintenance hut. Turn the timer to the desired amount of time.  It will automatically turn off. The maximum time is 1 hour and can be reset if needed.
See chart above or refer to the Maintenance Procedures posted on the bulletin board in the Warming Hut.   
Balls are provided by the Club for use by players.  PLEASE RETRIEVE the balls that are “hit over” the fence as they cost about $3.00 each.   When “warming up” with 2 balls – please only take one new one if necessary (often there are plenty of used balls in very good condition).  Use one from the bucket of used balls if you need another.  
Demo Rackets
There are some older racquets for use hanging in the hut.  Please make sure to return them to the hut.  More current racquets are available through Chris Adams, if you would like to check out some new technology. Chris Adams represents the Viking line of paddle equipment and can provide additional information about their products.   
What to Wear
While the temperatures may be cold, paddle is a sport that allows you to quickly warm up.  Many people find that a turtleneck is adequate even during the colder temps.  A fleece top and/or vest lets you peel off your layers as you need to.  Some people find jeans to be comfortable while others prefer warm ups.  TENNIS SNEAKERS must be worn AT ALL TIMES on the court.  PLEASE NO OTHER FOOTWEAR. 
Getting a Game
Paddle is a fast sport and generally is played as a doubles game.  Groups and game times are scheduled at the conclusion of the Kickoff Meeting each year that is held in early to mid-October.  Hour and a half court times are “committed” during the weekdays for the season while weekends remain open for signup from week to week.    Prior to the kickoff meeting club members “sign up” for up to two times per week (weekdays).  Conflict resolution takes place at the meeting for groups that request the same timeslots. The best way to get a game is to contact existing member(s) and join or rotate into their groups.  Also making yourself available as a sub is a great way to get into a variety of games.  In January some members revisit the court schedules as some players depart for southern climates.  This is another great time to join existing games or start new ones.  
Signing up for Courts
Weekend court times are reserved by signing up on-line at our website, www.arundelpaddleclub.com . Courts may be reserved 7 days in advance, not before.  During the week, some courts are available for on-line sign-up not previously “committed” by the master schedule process.   A  Master Schedule is maintained on our website so as schedules change, current information is always available. Feel free to sign up “uncommitted” courts using the on-line sign up web site.   If you would like your group added to or removed from the Master Schedule, contact Jon Hansen.    IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO BE SURE THAT THE COURT TIME IS NOT RESERVED ON THE MASTER SCHEDULE AND TO CANCEL (ON-LINE) COURT RESERVATIONS AS A COURTESY TO OTHERS.  It is important to cancel a game even if it is a “committed” weekday slot to allow the opportunity for others to reserve it.
Holiday Exceptions
Certain Holidays are treated like weekends for signup purposes. Please sign up for courts on these dates one week in advance.  The Holiday dates for this paddle season are November 22, 23, December 25, 2018 and January 1, 2019.
Club Events and Clinics
Our social committee will be organizing some events including clinics, round robins, and some casual tournament(s) that enable all levels of skill to participate.  Please check out our web site for information/sign up for these events.  We are fortunate to have a long time veteran of the game, Chris Adams, available for coaching and clinics as demand dictates.  He plans to offer some events this season for general signup and encourages others to set up their own groups if interested.    
Member Events
We encourage members to use the club socially and take advantage of the grill, fire pit and hut for an evening of fun and exercise.  If this is of interest, please be sure to reserve courts for your desired times. If you anticipate using both courts for at least two back-to-back slots, posting a note would surely be appreciated.  We will also try to give plenty of notice of reserved times for club-sponsored events. 
Fire Pit
There is a fire pit that is available for Club Events.  It must be used with great care and not when it is windy.  Please donate wood for its use as the club does not provide it.   One specific person needs to be designated to be "in charge" in advance to bring water containers to put the fire out (prior to snow fall), to monitor the fire throughout the night and be responsible for making sure it is extinguished properly. Make sure the fire is completely out before you leave.  We hope to eventually create a safer location for it. 


APC Policy Manual

- Divorce Policy - one individual to maintain the membership as family or single (determined by the parties involved not APC). Spouse who does not maintain membership may join immediately regardless of membership cap or waitlist. All fees, dues,    assessments/initiation fees (if applicable) would apply. If membership cap exceeded as a result of this policy, no one from waitlist is to be offered membership until the count drops below the cap again.

- Late fee Policy - $50.00 late fee assessed if annual dues not received by due date on invoice. If payment not received 30 days after the due date, membership will be terminated.

- Waitlist Policy - $100 application fee required to be put on the waitlist. Fee allows 10x per season play with member in good standing while on the waitlist.  This is a one time fee.  Membership must be accepted when offered. If declined, the individual must re-apply with another $100 fee.  If applicant does not accept membership the second time offered he/she can no longer remain on waitlist. Waitlist members may not book courts nor participate in Club tournaments.

- Guest Policy - Guests may play up to 4x per season with a member in good standing.  No guest fee.

- Temporary Hold of Membership Policy - Membership can be put on temporary "hold" due to illness, injury, job relocation or other for one(1)season with not payment due. Must be board approved.  This is a one time hold. Member on hold can automatically rejoin even if it brings APC over member cap.   The membership slot on hold can be offered to next person on waitlist.

-All new members into club must attend an initiation session to review these policies and learn the club logistics(locks/heaters/lights etc)


-Tournament policies

          - APC holds three official yearly club tournaments: Mens and Womens doubles and Mixed Doubles.  All members in good standing can participate.  Other tourneys may exist on a more social basis.

         - The social chair shall organize the event.  Members are allowed to register up to 24 hours before tourney day. 

         - Seeding:  The only guaranteed seed is the prior season champion(#1).  Social Chair shall oversee seedings ideally with review from fellow members to assure fairness.  Brackets shall follow normal tourney systems(top bracket:1,4,5,8  bottom bracket 2,3,6,7).  Tourney format is generally best of 3 sets however exceptions can be agreed upon due to weather/time constraints.

         - Minimum team participants for an official tourney shall be 4.  If less than 4 teams enter then there will be no official tourney.